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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extreme Makeover Motorhome Edition - Before Photos

This weekend we went over the RV with a fine tooth comb, checking out all the bells and whistles and also seeing up close how much work we have in store. Jeff busied himself finding all the hook ups for gas, water electric while I attempted to start cleaning. One bottle of Krud Kutter later, I had to take a break. Here are some photos of the camper as we begin our renovation process:

The view from the back of the
RV looking toward the windshield.

The "bedroom" near the rear of the RV.
We have decided to scrap this folding
bed - which is only slightly larger than
a twin and install two bunk beds. The
end result will look something like a
sleeping berth on a train.

This is the groovy shelf with a light over the bed
in the "bedroom" notice the wishful thinking of
that wall mounted thermostat...right. It was only
about 120 degrees inside the RV that day.

The tiny bathroom has an equally tiny sink
Not sure what/how we are going to upgrade
this most vital space in the RV but we are
certain to make some improvements.

Funky storage bin over the bed in the
bedroom - seems like a great place to
knock your brains out when getting
up from the bed!
 The wall opposite the bed has several
storage cabinets, his and hers closets and
a space for what I think must be a TV?

Inside one of the bedroom closets.

 The kitchen has gas appliances. Here's
a shot of the Magic Chef range. We also
have a tiny oven below the range.

 Jeff's nightmare of the day - the generator.
It cranks like a champ, but then wants to
knock off on its own. When it's running,
it does an excellent job. We think we'll
need to replace it with a slightly larger one
because if you run the air conditioning and
turn on the lights, everything turns off! lol

 Here's the kitchen pantry - pretty roomy
 The shower stall is not built for today's
large and in charge camper. But we think
we'll be able to make some modest
improvements like adding a rounded
shower rod.
The end of this post appropriately is at the rear
of the RV where we'll obviously need to replace
the toilet. It's cracked and whack.

More photos to come....


  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out. With your imagination and Jeff's strong's bound to be a "stunner'!!

    Steph Montgomery

  2. thanks stef! we are excited but also a little bit scared. everytime we start to look at something on the camper we find something else that is going to have to be fixed! keep watching here for the hilarity to begin!

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