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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hop in my camper, it's as big as a whale - and it's about to set sail! I got an Argosy and it sleeps about 20, so hurry up and get your sleeping bag, honey.

Well, we made the 200+ mile round trip trek to Rome, GA to pick up the motor home last night. So at least we now know that it is road worthy enough to travel 100 miles one way, on the interstate and go up to 65 miles an hour. Not too bad.

I took some quick pictures on my way out the door to work this morning. I'll post more later - the inside is a hot mess, can't wait for you to see that disaster!

We have our work cut out for us for sure. But I am still long will that last?

I think this may be like buying a lottery ticket...the
real fun is dreaming up all the things you'll do and
see and buy when you win...then you check the numbers and resign yourself to go back to work
on Monday.

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