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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pump the seriously, pump the brakes

Just prior to our Lake Lanier trip, the RV spent about ten days in the shop. Evidently it needed some major brake repairs and the mechanics found a few other gems in need of polishing while they were working on the brakes. $1,400 later we had new brakes and had learned why the RV would make like the little engine that could when we came up a hill. Whomever the previous owners had used as a mechanic, was a real leaving things half done, that is. He had replaced the spark plugs but did not put new heat shields between them and wires and thus we had three of eight cylinders with burnt through wires. Nice. No wonder the RV was working so hard. Jeff was able to replace the wire harness and the heat shields - and miraculously we got some real power under the hood. Things are looking up. 
Burnt spark plugs make an RV lazy

After its stint in rehab, we brought her home for a little TLC. Jeff has been working on replacing the airbags that are located behind the tires. They inflate or deflate as needed to help keep the RV level when driving and when parked. The front ones were completely dry rotted and had to be replaced - he thought he could do it on his own...but it's been a real challenge. Seems as though one must have the slight of hand of David Copperfield and the strength of Mr. Universe to get the new bags into the space occupied by the old bags. 

Needless to say, we still have new airbags sitting in our garage. One day we'll be able to consult with an out of work magician who can tell us how to fit those darn things in the teeny tiny space provided. Let's hope we find him soon because it's a bit like riding on Aladdin's magic carpet without the front end leveling.
Water regulator thingy
Handyman Jeff also did the wonderful job of replacing the toilet and repairing the water lines - seems as though without a pressure gauge thingy on the waterline when you hook up to "city" water - you'll blow out the pipes somewhere inside the RV everytime you hook up. Fun fact they don't tell you until you blow out the pipes. So, now we have a pressure regulator and a new toilet and dry we are ready to brave the open road again...

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