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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whip it...whip it real good.

Much to our delight, when we were further exploring the RV and checking out all the bells and whistles we found a BLENDER! Yep, a built in blender. Upon further investigation I learned that it is not only a blender, but a chopper, hopper, dicer, slicer and can opener! Seriously, the RV came with a Nu Tone Kitchen Center. Back in 1976 this baby was the shiznit. It's a counter mounted motor with interchangeable attachments including: blender, mixer, chopper, knife sharpener and can opener among others. I was delighted to find that Nu Tone is still in business and the current array of attachments will fit my retro motor drive. Awesome. I have the original blender jar, but alas, no lid. Will be searching ebay and the like to find a lid so we can waste away in margaritaville as we work on this labor of love.
Here's the blender hooked up to the cool is that?

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