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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Barth Repairs & Trip Preparation

After driving it home and around town - we did find a few things that needed repair. Nothing to compare to the needs of the Argosy - but vital repairs all the same...

- Automatic step motor
- Rear air needs upgrading
- Front air levelers need replacing
- Curtains need replacing
- Water tanks need to be cleaned and flushed
- Air filter and fluids need checking/changing
- Cruise control needs repair

Otherwise, we are ready to go. The fridge works, tires are in great shape and there's plenty of storage for our stuff. I went through all our tent camping gear and pulled items we can use in the RV. Good news is there are alot of things like dishes and cookware that we won't have to buy.

I also scored some towels and other linens from my Granny's house to stock our RV.

We've made our reservations - and will be heading out to Tybee Island next week for our maiden voyage! Wish us luck!

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  1. That should be a great maiden voyage! Enjoy!